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Creating Caring Connections is a space that holds the value of connection at its core, alongside the belief that connection is a crucial component of our wellbeing. Here you will find ways to stay connected to yourself, loved ones & the wider community.

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Connections are a vital part of our development. They help us to feel safe. Safe enough to explore who we are as individuals & our place in the world. 

The importance of connection continues throughout our lives, to borrow a quote from Brene Brown, ‘connection is why we’re here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives’.

We are learning more & more about the negative impact feeling disconnected, lonely & isolated can have on our physical & mental wellbeing. We’re also learning that loneliness is an issue that spreads across generations & is experienced by both younger & older people.

Creating Caring Connections wants to change this through supporting people to create caring connections with themselves, their loved ones & their communities. Our aim is to promote wellbeing through connection.

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