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I write about connection with the aim of sharing its value & the ways it can increase wellbeing across all ages, as well as, ways in which our connections are challenged & ways we can create more caring ones with ourselves, our loved ones, our communities & the wider world around us.  

I've had articles published in


   - Intergenerational Connections: an avenue for       addressing wellbeing throughout the life               course (2021)

   - Sometimes we need to be creative to                   connect (2022) 

   - The Value of Connection: keeping                         connection at the core of care and support           (2022) 

   - Care Homes as Community Hubs (2023) 

Suffolk Magazine 

   - The People of Felixstowe (2023)

If you would like me to write about connection, its value & wellbeing, please get in touch to discuss things further.

You can find snippets of my work below - under construction...

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