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Hopes for 2023

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

I'm so proud of what we achieved last year & I'm excited to continue to promote wellbeing through connection.

Here's what we're hoping to achieve this year...


- To continue to share ways to improve & strengthen connections with self, loved ones & the community.

- To re-launch our Connection Card sets & postcards. Look out for more information coming soon!

- To run some wellbeing workshops, exploring what connection means to people, what connections people have & how they could strengthen them to increase their wellbeing.

Intergenerational Connections:

School Sessions:

- To continue our year-long project with a Felixstowe-based care home and primary school, facilitating weekly sessions as well as looking at ways that the connections created can be sustained independently.

- To work alongside another school and care home to facilitate more intergenerational connections.

Parent (Carer) & Child Meet-Ups:

- To continue to facilitate meet-ups during school holidays.

Felixstowe Museum Collaboration:

- To create a community exhibition celebrating the people of Felixstowe, past & present, old & young.


- To continue to support people to continue to do things that are important & meaningful to them.


A lot of our work relies on funding or voluntary work. To enable our work to reach & impact more people we need help. Please take a look at the 'support' page on this website to find out how you can help. Thank you.

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