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Creativity & Connection

A few things I heard during the last few days at the Only Connect conference reminded me of some of the ideas I explored within this article.

Creativity and connection are two elements that are crucial to maintaining our physical and mental health (Mental Health Foundation, 2019; McEvoy, 2020).

Creativity can encourage and enhance connections with ourselves and others around us. Creative activities can be enjoyed in solitude to provide space and time for self amongst the stresses of daily life. They can be used as a way to relax and unwind, to find movement and peace of mind, to provide a sense of fun and enjoyment, of control and containment, as an avenue for flow.

Creative activities can also bring people together, through shared experiences. They can provide a unique opportunity to express ideas and evoke memories, to deepen our understanding and to feel part of something bigger than ourselves (Mental Health Foundation, 2019, Age UK, 2018).

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