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Do you want to build a snowman?

This afternoon during our last Parent & Child Meet-Up we built snowmen, Beetle Drive style.

Children and older adults worked in groups, each taking a turn to roll the dice to see what part of the snowman they could add next.

The game took quite a while but I heard some lovely conversations happening whilst groups waited for their turn.

I heard one of the residents ask how the children in her group got to the care home. Their mum shared that on the way home, one of the little boys asked how the residents got there which allowed them to have a conversation about how some older people live together in care homes.

The purpose of these sessions is to break down barriers between ages, to reduce anxiety around talking to and spending time with people who are older and/or younger than you. Intergenerational Connections is about valuing people regardless of age or ability, it's about bringing people together to share space & time & to create shared memories. It's about kindness & compassion, promoting wellbeing & reducing loneliness. It's about having fun. Learning about each other, from each other & together.

Thank you to all of the parents, children & residents who were part of the session this afternoon, it wouldn't have been possible without you. You all made a difference to each other by being there & being yourselves.

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