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Only Connect!

This week I've been in Cornwall for the Only Connect conference all about creativity, connection and community.

It was a coming together of like-minded people. Passionate people. Compassionate people. People who do their work with their hearts as Peter (Humanitas) put it.

I heard people speak about their work within the community, with a focus on creativity, inclusion, dementia and intergenerational practice. I was also privileged to hear people with lived experience speak too.

It was exciting to be surrounded by people and projects similar to Creating Caring Connections, hearing about different approaches different people, artists and organisations take to promote wellbeing.

I attended a workshop called 'heart space' where we were invited to take a few deep breaths and connect with ourself and then draw a heart. It was a really simple, yet calming experience.

Another workshop I attended was a walk with the Sensory Strollers, a walking group for people living with dementia. It was really nice to take some time to soak up the environment around me. To focus on the present moment, to notice the change in temperature as I walked through areas in full sun to those areas in the shade. To notice the beautiful, bright blue sky and the vibrant green trees.

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