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The Value of Connection

Here are a few quotes from my most recent article in CareKnowledge.

'As people, we go through many stages in life, from birth to adolescence to adulthood and all that entails. During each of these stages we use connections as a way to find our way forward. We are connected in many aspects of life; from the relationships we build with people and places to the systems that we live within.'

'When we are babies, we need care and support to survive. As we grow, we continue to need a level of care and support from those around us to thrive.'

'Over time, the image of ageing has changed within our culture from one of wealth of knowledge and experience to one of decline and dependence, where those who have lived the longest and contributed to their communities are pushed aside, hidden within their homes or in care homes. Phrases like 'care crisis' continue to perpetuate these negative perspectives. We need to change the narrative, instead of focussing on deficits, we need to focus on strength and resilience, on connection and community.'

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